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The Sussex Elite Ravens are an American Youth Football and Cheer travel team. We are committed to providing an outlet for children in our community with the opportunity to learn and participate in a sport that fosters teamwork, dedication and leadership. The Elite in our name stands for more than just exemplary athletic capabilities It defines who we are as an organization. Our goal is to develop young men and women that are examples in our community in the way that they behave, the respect they show and their work ethic. We believe that a strong foundation in sports helps to build a strong personal foundation that will allow an individual to accomplish their goals in life. The Sussex Elite Ravens demand a high standard when it comes to behaviors, grades and commitment to the organization. We help to provide the tools that our young people need to excel in school with mentoring along with our coach and board accountability contracts. All of the adults in our program come with a heart of service and a heart for the kids. Our core values are Academic Excellence, Integrity, Social Responsibility, Community Engagement and Competitive Excellence.

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